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These people make it happen for you to use CSR 2 hack, free from danger. Each member of the group is equally significant. Say hi!

Tom Bundlick CEO

Tom is a creativity machine. He knows how to make all players happy. He is an excellent member of the group, and he does not stop having good ideas.

Exhausts B (Customer Service)

Agota's task is to manage our email. She is the one who checks the importance of the inbox emails and forwards them to other group members if necessary. For that reason, when you write to us by email, try to be respectful and decent; otherwise, it will make Agota angry.

Kupir Swelblade (Programmer)

He is the youngest of all, but he is also the one with the heaviest job. Part of their task is to take the ideas and orders of Chris and Agota, which mixes and produces impressive tricks like ‘CSR2 Hack.’